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Passionate about art and fashion, Daniela initially started in 2009 spontaneously and without premeditation, guided by her heart and a passion that she barely began to discover, at that time her designs were known by the Viloria brand, a name that attributed to his paternal surname.
Years later everything stops, different plans emerge, and a country situation that forces the Viloria brand to become a clean slate and a new account, kept her dreams and that passion in a drawer, without knowing that years later it would explode like a bomb watchmaking.
With a new destination and a new home, Barcelona presents itself as an important cradle in the designer's life, it marks in her heart as a before and after, and fuels that passion that had been kept for so long.
Four years later Maripom was born, reflecting that mix of lived experiences and new beginnings, a brand that is imbued with freedom of feeling, and the intense personality of its creator María Daniela Viloria.